We are proud to announce that we have commenced a COMMUNITY LIVING & LIFE SKILLS TRAINING PROGRAM for differently abled young adults during the weekends from August 2016 at our new location in Attiguppe.

The trainees will come to the centre on Friday evenings and leave on Sunday evenings.

We have a three month schedule for each batch where we have various areas to hone the skills of the special children in community living. They will get exposure to

Personal hygiene and daily living skills

Concept of money/time/social skills

Courtesy and manners

This is done with different specialists and volunteers visiting the centre during the weekend and spending time with the trainees.

The first batch of trainees eagerly looks forward to Friday evenings. Their bonding and sharing, their eagerness for learning is an eye opener.

Group Games

Daily Living Skills

They are taught cooking a simple meal, cleaning and ironing clothes. They also learn table manners and sharing of the food that they have cooked.


The Activities are Art based and other hands on therapy like group discussion and Drum Jam

At the end of each program certificates are given to the trainees

New batches commence regularly, looking at the benefits for the trainees and the excellent feedback we have received from the parents


Rashmi, is one of the resource persons working with the children at the community living skills training program.

Her activities and their benefits are as follows:

  1. Colouring the mandalas was very effective in keeping students relaxed and it also helped them to come out with few emotional problems which were addressed. (Mandala helps people to bring in discipline and subconsciously trains our mind to do repetitive actions by repeating patterns)
  2. Self awareness exercises were conducted which helped them to understand their strengths and deal with their limitations.
  3. Activities related to interpersonal relationships were done.
  4. Gratitude and thanks giving activity was done and this made the students realise and think of people who are helping them.
  5. Activity sheet related to “Understanding one’s emotions and how to deal them” was also done.
  6. “The tree- Grounding meditation” was taught to help students to keep them grounded and strong along with few affirmations.

Rashmi says “Hope to help them further. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to work with them. Along with them, I too have learnt so much which has helped me to grow professionally and personally.”

Latha & Nikhil spend time in the weekend interacting with the students, training them in various areas. Nikhil especially teaches the keyboard and also discusses a few mythological stories.

Latha says “I really appreciate the eagerness with which everyone participated. They adjusted to all situations without complaining. Even when the power went away, they made sure the task was completed. The concept is wonderful and I learnt quite a few things from the children”