NS VISTA has a diploma course designed with the guidance of our advisor Meena Jain. The curriculum focuses on creating job coaches who will liaison between the vocational institutes that train persons with intellectual developmental disabilities and companies that are willing to provide jobs for these persons. 

The course which was inaugurated by Mr.Basavaraju, Dr. Deepak Jayarajan & Ms. Meena Jain commenced in August 2019, with the first lecture by Dr. Shoba Srinath. The doctors from the department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services took many guest lectures. We are deeply indebted to them and honoured that they could spend their time.  We also had eminent persons from different sectors in the industry like hospitality, retail, electronics, education etc. who discussed the employers’ point of view while hiring the persons with disability. The participants of VISTA also had the opportunity to visit different training centres in Bangalore to get a clear picture of the programs running. A market survey of the job roles and job analysis was also done by them. The participants had a good number of theory sessions and assignments to complete the course.