About Us




Hema Nataraj is the Managing Trustee of NITHYA SAADHANA. She is a B.Com graduate from the Bangalore University. She has been in the field of Special Education for over two decades. During these years she has trained children with Multiple Disabilities and has successfully helped them to achieve self-confidence and enabled them to live as useful citizens. She has been a source of inspiration to many parents as well as special educators due to her everlasting enthusiasm and spirit to reach out to the needy. She worked in the United States of America from the year 2006 to 2009. She had the opportunity to teach the special needs children and has gained tremendous experience in the field of Special Education. She has recently completed a diploma in Mental Health from Kuvempu University.

At NITHYA SAADHANA she is the point of contact for all parents and is able to empathize with each one of them. She is constantly thinking of the overall development and independence of the trainees. She has conducted the community living program NS-CLOVE for three years successfully, where the trainees live by themselves and learn independent living skills.



Beena Krishnamurthy is the Founder Member and one of the Trustees of NITHYA SAADHANA.

She is a Gold Medalist with a post graduation in Physics. After having taught Physics and Computer Science, she shifted to special education. She acquired a degree in Special education. She trained children with special needs to appear for the National Institute of Open School’s Secondary and Senior Secondary examination. To enhance her knowledge in handling the challenges of the Mentally ill Trainees at Nithya Saadhana she completed a diploma in Mental Health.

Beena has the competence to understand the abilities of the trainees, relate to them with ease, and bring out the best in them. The curriculum, documentation for the training process, the quality check and records for all the activities at the centre are created by her. Beena’s new venture is to train the Job Coaches. She has designed and conducted a Diploma NS-VISTA for training job coaches. This is a specialized course for special educators who will become equipped to train & place persons with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities.

Our Team

We have young and enthusiastic trainers who are very dedicated and involve themselves completely with innovative ideas. They take care of the overall development of the trainee in areas of electronics, data entry and also in the confidence building of the trainees and their families. The trainers do “hand holding” to the trainee when he / she gets a placement in the mainstream by making regular visits to the company till both the employer and the trainee are comfortable.



Madhuri is with Nithya Saadhana for more than five years. She takes care of the training unit. Her systematic methods and disciplined approach to the training helps the new admissions to understand the required processes and the culture of our training. The pre vocational skills and the steps for the different sections, be it electronics, paper covers or gift envelopes are followed and explained in simple steps to the trainees by her. She is also good in documenting the progress of each trainee.



Sandhya is liked by all the trainees because of her patient and practical approach. She makes sure all the trainees get an opportunity to learn the processes at the training centre. She is good in interacting with the parents and keeping track of the production targets for the trainees, whether classes are physical or online. She updates the admission register and also regularly reports the progress of the enrolled trainees to the government agencies. Sandhya has been with Nithya Saadhana for more than five years.

Beeresh P B


Beeresh who is an MPhil in Engineering is a quiet and composed instructor. He is an asset to Nithya Saadhana as the head of the production unit. He guides the trainees in PCB manufacture, transformer core winding and also takes care that the testing process goes on smoothly. Beeresh coordinates all the production and time lines for the sheltered unit, which is a launch pad for the trainees to get placed in the main stream. He also assists in the placements and is a dedicated Job Coach. As part of the administrative responsibility he keeps the accounts perfectly updated.



Shruthi who is an Electronics and Communication Engineering joined Nithya Saadhana in February 2021. She settled in very quickly and trains students in Data Entry and also PCB manufacture and wire harnessing. She completed her online training to understand the Role of a Job Coach while working with adults with IDD. She is dedicated to make all the trainees reach their best potential and trains them to become skilled and confident to be as independent as possible. She also coordinates with the rest of the team and documents the progress of each trainee meticulously.