About Us




Hema Nataraj is a B.Com graduate from the Bangalore University. She has been in the field of Special Education for over a decade. During these years she has trained children with multiple disabilities and has successfully helped them to achieve self-confidence and enabled them to live as useful citizens. She has been a source of inspiration to many parents as well as special educators due to her everlasting enthusiasm and spirit to reach out to the needy. She worked in the United States of America from the year 2006 to 2009. She had the opportunity to teach the special needs children and has gained tremendous experience in the field of Special Education.



Beena Krishnamurthy is a post graduate, with a gold medal in Physics and also has a diploma in special education. She has been teaching Physics and Computer Science for more than 25 years. She trained children with special needs to appear for the National Institute of Open School’s Secondary and Senior Secondary examination for a few years now. She has the competence to understand the abilities of the trainees, relate to them with ease, and bring out the best in them.

Our Team

We have young and enthusiastic trainers who are very dedicated and involve themselves completely with innovative ideas. They take care of the overall development of the trainee in areas of electronics, data entry and also in the confidence building of the trainees and their families. The trainers do “hand holding” to the trainee when he / she gets a placement in the mainstream by making regular visits to the company till both the employer and the trainee are comfortable.



First of all I would like to say that I am very proud to be a part of Nithya Saadhana, where I get support, encouragement and motivation from the promoters of Nithya Saadhana Mrs. Beena Krishnamurthy and Mrs. Hema Nataraj. Teaching / Training the children here has made me gain my strength and increased my patience level. While dealing with Printed Circuit Board we need to be more careful regarding the values and codes of Resistors, Diodes and Capacitors. These trainees perform so well that sometimes I even forget that I am dealing with special children.
I feel very happy with my trainees and colleagues who are very friendly towards me.



I am in the paper covers section of NITHYA SAADHANA from May 2016. The group of trainees, 12 of them, is eager to learn and complete the targets set for them. We make paper covers of different sizes. On Tuesdays and Fridays we conduct interactive games and craft sessions. This helps in enhancing their team spirit and boosts their confidence.



I am with NITHYA SAADHANA from May 2016. We help the trainees in making big and small paper covers. The steps of making the covers to perfection are taught with a lot of patience by the teachers. I assist them in making quality paper covers according to the orders received by us. My aim is to develop their skills and improve their ability. We motivate them to be independent in their lives.

Beeresh P B


Working since Feb 2017, my role is to guide students in formation, stuffing, soldering and quality control at Electronic Sub-assembly unit and I am also in-charge of Placements.



I am a member of the Nithya Saadhana team. I train those in the Office Assistant and Assistant Special Educator training program. My HR background helps me give training in soft skills requirement of the industry also. It is very heartening to watch the trainees go to their internships and grow in confidence day by day.