Certification & Tie-up with VRC

Vocational Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped (VRC), Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

A sizeable number of persons in India are handicapped. Government of India has been providing relief and help in rehabilitating them so that they stand on their own feet economically and also prove useful to the society.

Vocational rehabilitation of the handicapped person is a process which enables him to secure suitable employment which he could retain and advance a permanent base with an ultimate aim of integrating or re-integrating him in the society.

One of the services rendered to the Handicapped Persons by the VRCs is imparting non formal in-plant training (BASIC) and tailor made community based vocational training (CBVT) to Persons with Disabilities for skill building and making them employable.

The program at NITHYA SAADHANA is certified for the in-plant as well as the CBVT training program. Batches of 8-10 trainees are registered each time with VRC. The supervisors visit us regularly each month and the trainees are awarded certificates at the end of the program. This makes the trainees eligible for the reservation in government jobs.