Pragna Micro designs

Mr.Murthy is the proprietor of Pragna Micro designs, Basavehwaranagar. The company mainly deals with machinery, electronic equipments parts, came forward to help our trainee Vinod to get a placement there. Vinod was a disciplined trainee who used to come to the centre on time. He was very good in cleaning of PCBs and packing.

Micron EMS

Started in 2003 off Kanakapura road is one the leading electronics manufacturing and service provider to technology companies. The company manufacturing includes designs, Printed Circuit Board assembly.Our trainees Kailash and Manoj got the placement over there. Manoj expert in stuffing and soldering and Kailash expert in cleaning of PCBs were very excited for getting the opportunity. Mrs.Kalpana Naagraraj, proprietor of Micron EMS who had earlier given the opportunity to three of our trainees always has a very good feedback about out trainees.


Shell is number one global lubricant supplier and has a 70 year history of innovation. One of our trainees is appointed at the Magadi Road outlet in the sales and the retail store.


Magnatech India is well known for its innovation, quality and commitment to customers worldwide. Offers engineering design, development and innovation for various electrical components like transformers, inductors, chokes etc. Three of our students are appointed there as trainees to start with.


Electronic relays India, an ISO 9001:2008 company established in the year 1979 manufactures solid state relays. Two of our students are placed there in the production department.

TECHSER Power Solution Pvt. Ltd.

TECHSER Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which was founded in 1988, has over 75000 installations and is one of the most successful companies to provide power-conditioning solutions in India. Their products have evolved over 21 years to best suit any vagaries in power conditions like it exists in the Indian power supply today. The employees there have been integrated into working with mildly mentally challenged individuals and are very empathetic and encouraging towards them.


Manufactures of Resistors, Rheostats and Heaters, this company has come forward to assist in taking our trainees as apprentice and later employing them, once they are found suitable. The management is very interested and takes an active part in integrating the young adults who are differently abled, into the mainstream.

Our trainees are placed in the following organisations after successfully completing their course as Office assistant or Special Educator Aide

  • NAV PRABUTHI TRUST as Office Assistant
  • SAMBHAV FOUNDATION as Office Assistant
  • CHIGURU as Special Educator Aide
  • CHITRAKOOTA SCHOOL as Office Assistant
  • NACHIKETA MANO VIKASA KENDRA as Special Educator Aide
  • SPLASH THERAPY CENTRE as Office Assistant
  • SUEZ TECHNOLOGIES as Office Assistant
  • RAGHAVENDRA RAO & ASSOCIATES as Office Assistant
  • SAMBHAV FOUNDATION as Office Assistant
  • SAMBHAV FOUNDATION as Special Educator Aide
  • MANAV SPECIAL SCHOOL as Office Assistant
  • BANGALORE PRESS as Office Assistant
  • MAPLE BEAR CANADIAN PRE SCHOOL as Special Educator Aide