Presentations & Workshops

Presentation at KAS officers’ club

Ms. Madhuri attended an ART BASED THERAPY Program conducted by Ms. Tangam along with a few trainees at the Planetarium. It was a whole day event and everyone participated and enjoyed.


Beena Krishnamurthy was on the panel for the Assistive Solutions Showcase at IIM-B on December 6 2018. The panel had representatives from accelerator platforms. The aim of the panel was to highlight the importance of synergy among stakeholders for the benefit of the disability sector as a whole. About 195 people had registered for the event representing 53 innovators, 60 employers, 6 researchers, 7 funders, 44 NGOs and more.


 At Brindavan Education Society – for a second time, at an Education fair arranged by the Parent’s support group, our faculty members made a presentation to a large audience. This is a very good platform to create awareness about the opportunities we has been able to create in the work place for persons with special needs


Education and vocational training for mentally challenged” was the topic of the day for presentation at KAS officers’ club which is situated at Infantry Road.Mrs. Beena Krishnamurthy made the presentation along with Dr.Jagadish, Dr.Nirmala and Dr. Uma of NIMHANS. The audience for this workshop was the District Disability officers of Karnataka Government. Mrs.Beena speaking on the occasion said how the differently-abled could cope with their difficulties through vocational training.

kas officer

Presentation program at information resource centre (IRC)

Presentation program on “vocational training” was given by Mrs.Hema Nataraj. This is the third consecutive year at IRC. 3 trainees – Sreekanth, Krupa ans Ganaashan also represented Nithya Saadhana for the event. Krupa spoke on Printed Circuit Board. Sreekanth, spoke on the remaining aspects i.e. cleaning of PCB and the delivery of the PCBs to the factory. Ganaashan spoke on Wire Harnessing. The audience was 40 teachers and parents doing a Diploma Course in Severe Learning Disability, Mental Retardation and Autism Spectrum Disorder. The presentation by our trainees was appreciated a great deal.


Nithya Saadhana organized a program on “Role of homeopathy in development disorder” by Dr.Amrutha at our centre on 24/02/14. The presentation program was very informative and the session involved a lot of interaction with the parents. Many parents were benefited by the program. It was a grand success.

Workshop for Girls on ‘Sexuality Education for persons with Developmental Disabilities’ by Mrs.Prema Narayan – 8th December 2012

The enthusiastic participants Prema Narayan, a special educator with 6 years of training differently abled persons in the USA, spent a Saturday morning with the girls of our centre to conduct a workshop on ‘Sexuality Education for persons with Developmental Disabilities’. The presentation was very informative and the session involved a lot of interaction with the mothers and trainees. The mothers of the trainees were also present. They felt it was an eye-opener in some ways for them too. Everyone was very thankful and sensed the importance of explicitly telling the differently abled girls about their body and safety issues regarding sexuality.

Seminar organized by banjara group

Banjara group organized a seminar at Chiguru School. The topic was “Living with a special needs child”. At least 20 of our trainees along with parents attended the program. Dr. Ali Khwaja spoke on the subject and interacted with parents and the program was very informative. Speaking on the subject Dr Ali told that these children are not special children but they are of special needs. Banjara group then enacted a play on how the elders behave when they see a child with special needs.

Presentation at ‘Chetana’, Richmond Fellowship Society, Banashankari I Stage – 20th October 2012

The trainees have become experts in making presentations. Parents of clients at Chetana, Richmond Fellowship Society were the audience to a presentation of the skills learnt, done by our trainees themselves. Prathima explained the process of wire crimping, Bharath V talked about PCB stuffing, Kiran told the audience how he does soldering. The perfectionist Vidyasagar described the steps to wire harnessing and Lalith told everyone how easy the steps of data processing were to him. All the trainees received a very good feedback from the audience.


A Stall at NIMHANS during a National Conference

We were invited to take part in the Golden Jubilee Celebration of Psychiatric Social Work Education in the Department of Psychiatric Social Work at NIMHANS, Bengaluru and XXXVII Annual National Conference of the Indian Society of Professional Social Work (ISPSW), which was held from 3rd to 5th January 2019 at Convention Centre, NIMHANS, Bengaluru, India.

We setup a stall in the convention centre, which was an added value to showcase the work we are doing in the area of mental health to the varied professionals coming from all over India.
Many visitors appreciated our stall and were asking us if we could have similar training program in different parts of India. Our Faculty members Beeresh and Venu were in the stall on 2 days. We were felicitated at the end of the golden jubilee celebrations.


Beena Krishnamurthy was a panelist for the CME program on 15th of March, 2019, Adolescence: contemporary issues in the clinic and beyond. She presented her insights during the panel discussion on ‘Skills & Opportunities for Adolescents with Developmental Challenges’. This session was moderated by Dr Jagadisha Thirthalli, Head of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services at NIMHANS. Dr. Shekhar Sheshadri, Head of CAP was also present.



Mrs.Hema Nataraj made a presentation at a group discussion on “Learning from other disabilities” at a Conference on ROSES (Rehabilitation oriented Services) for the mentally ill at NIMHANS. She spoke on difficulties such as Mild Mental Retardation, Autism Spectrum Disorder and Down’s syndrome.While speaking on the occasion Mrs.Hema told the audience about the remedial measures and the vocational training given by Nithya Saadhana and also spoke about the advantage of mainstreaming the persons with special needs. A video clipping was presented to the audience about the activities at Nithya Saadhana.

presentation nimhans

Presentation by the trainees At an Education fair arranged by the Parent’s support group of Brindavan Education Society, our trainees made a presentation to a large audience on 13th Feb 2016.

Hema Natraj led the presentation. The trainees were very confident and explained all the activities of their training program and the steps in production with ease. Sanjana helped in demonstrating the process while her friends explained. The trainees looked very professional with their presentation, following the PowerPoint slides perfectly.

We also had a table where parents visited and gathered more information.


Mrs. Beena Krishnamurthy and Mrs. Hema Nataraj were interviewed about the activities of Nithya Saadhana on All India Radio AM 612KHz relayed on 01-03-2017

Mrs. Hema Nataraj gave a Lecture “Transitioning for Vocational Training” at ASHA, ATG.

Presentation was done at Rotary Bangalore West on 07-12-2017
The trainees themselves made a presentation to members of the Rotary Bangalore West, presenting their skills and requested them for placements in their organisations.