141Dear all,

Firstly I wish to introduce myself; I am Venkataram Working as Manager Finance & Accounts in a Private Ltd.co.

I admitted my Elder Son Shrikara to Nithya Saadhana a year ago, before which I had gone around to many institutions who were boasting about coaching the Learning disability children, but I couldn’t get any positive result from these schools. I came to know about Nithya Saadhana through Chethana, which is also institute for training these types of children.

Once I admitted my son, I was closely watching the changes & developments in him especially psychologically. The self confidence developed so much that he himself independently was able to take decisions, train the juniors, dispatch the materials etc. Really I thank the teaching staff & management of Nithya Saadhana for bringing him to such a good stage.

Nithya Saadhana as the name itself states, does the saadana dedicatedly to motivate the students & identify the talents & they nurture them, which finally reaps in success for the students’ career.

I wish all the Best to the staff & Management of Nithya Saadhana for their future endeavors & also pray God to see that more & more children benefit from this organisation




141My son S Suhas is a BCom graduate & has undergone training in basic computers. After his graduation we were very much concerned about his future. After associating with Nithya Saadhana where he underwent vocational training for 1year in the field of PCB, component formation etc he has developed self confidence, leadership qualities & eagerness to work independently to earn his living. He is now employed in a manufacturing company in Peenya.

This change in my son’s life was possible due to the unfailing patience, keenness & the interest evinced by Mrs.Beena & Mrs.Hema. We parents of S Suhas are indeed grateful to them & also to the staff of Nithya Saadhana.

With regards,


141Vishal enjoyed going to Nithya Saadhana from day one. One positive aspect of his going to Nithya Saadhana was that circumstances forced Vishal to become independent and travel by public B.M.T.C. buses to and fro the institute. Vishal found the atmosphere in Nithya Saadhana enjoyable. The involvement and warmth of the staff experienced by Vishal made him look forward to going there each day. That is perhaps why Nithya Saadhana is his favourite among all the schools he has been to. He enjoyed wire crimping, wire bunching at the institute. Currently he is doing a short course on textile designing which is approved by the central government in an NGO run vocational institution in Mumbai.

Yours faithfully
Aparna Sankaran


141After completing his tenth standard, we took Nikhil to Deepika School for counselling. There we were told to approach Mrs.Hema and Mrs.Beena from Nithya Saadhana. We took Nikhil to Nithya Saadhana. He was enrolled. He underwent training for a period of one year. It was good for Nikhil as he learnt new activities like wire crimping, wire cutting, wire twisting. He was also trained in computers. His typing speed improved dramatically because of the training. Simultaneously, he was also studying for his PU exams. The DATA ENTRY training helped him in the exams.

Nikhil became confident and independent. He learnt money counting and transactions. He is now doing his BA from MES College, Malleshwaram.


141We are associated with Nithya Saadhana for the past 2 years. The centre focuses and encourages the mentally challenged, and ADHD children to connect with the outside world in their own manner by giving hands on training to unskilled children in homely way. This program results in building up self confidence and self- motivation. In addition, the centre also gives the remedial coaching for the children who are with learning difficulty.

During 1 year of stay, my son master M. Ganaashan has been trained well and he develops small electronic circuits individually. The remedial coaching significantly helped him in scoring well in academics with ease. It also helped him to gain interest in studies and motivated him to study further. He is currently pursuing senior secondary with NIOS.

Our heartfelt thanks to Nithya Saadhana staff for giving him an opportunity to flourish his career.

M. Balasubramani


141I , Y.D Ramakrishna resident of ”Aasare” No, 136, 1st Cross, 2nd Main, KK Layout , Nagarabhavi 2nd Stage, Bangalore- 560072 wish to say a few words about my son. Mr. Manoj.R. He was born on 16.04.1989. His IQ was low hence he studied up to 9th std at Aurobindo Vidya Mandir, West Of Chord Road, Bengaluru with the guidance from his mother at home. While studying in 9th Standard he had started having frustration with his mother and sister, hence maintained distance with his mother and sister. This problem affected his education. He got treatment at SPANDANA & NIMHANS to get out of his problems. Presently he is getting treatment from Dr. MLLIKARJUN KALGUDI, SUKSHEMA CLINIC at 3rd Block , Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.

He was trained at NITHYA SAADHANA, Vijayanagar Bengaluru on the Job of Printed Circuit Board Assembly from Aug 2013 to March 2014. Because of being well trained at Nithya Saadhana, he got placement at MICRON EMS, J.C Industrial Estate Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru. He is showing good interest in going to his work without absenteeism and with good dedication. Because of this he is getting good encouragement from his superiors at EMS Microns.


141After being in NITHYA SAADHANA, We observe him talking a lot about latest Electronics Gadgets which even we are not updated. He has thorough knowledge of all the specifications of most Mobiles, Tabs and so on. This is really amazing as I being an engineer am not updated. Further he has gained a lot of general knowledge and confidence.

Only he is poor in academics and it is something he does not like.

Thank you for all the support extended by Nithya Saadhana and staff.

Wishing you all the best for serving the society especially children with challenges.


141My son Vipraj was around seven years when we came to know that he has mild mental retardation. He could not cope up with his academics like other normal children. He had to be retained in 5th & 7th std. twice & was able to complete the 10th std. with bare minimum marks. At this stage we were advised not to force him to pursue the academics. We came to know about NITYA SAADHANA & he joined them for vocational training in Electronics sub assembly. After one yr. training they were able to provide placement at K.S. Instruments where he worked for a year. Now he is working with ELECTRONIC RELAYS since four years. He is now 24 & can manage on his own & also helps his mom at home. He is very regular to work & is doing quite well there.

We never thought that he could work independently & pursue a lively hood. We are very much thankful to Beena & her team members for their efforts in shaping up my sons future. They are doing a wonderful job in training these marginalized children. I wish them all the best in their endeavor in shaping the future of these children of god.


141First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff for all the support. You people are doing fantastic job. Keep it up!!!

Well, talking about Nivedhan, I have seen quite a lot of changes in him since he has got his stipend, namely, he feels and behaves responsible for his acts, mannerisms, logical thinking, presence of mind, curiosity and is anxious to go to work and most importantly has very good body language.

All credits goes to you all.

Thanking you,



141Our Son, Younus is a Special child who did not fit into the mainstream academics. Bangalore provides quite a few alternative institutes which offer schooling for special children. But as he grew up the question of being absorbed into a job arose for which there are hardly any avenues available.

It was then we came across Nithya Saadhana which Younus went for around 2 Years. At Nithya Saadhana he found the holistic environment best suited for him to learn skills which would help him learn basic tasks required at the work place. At the end of the course, he also got a job- which again was facilitated by the efforts of the management in tying up with other companies who are empathetic towards special children.

The teachers are not only professionally trained but also emotionally involved in the process of vocational training of special children and it was at their instance, support and cooperation that we started to let him use public transport.

Currently, he is working in an electronic manufacturing firm for the past 2 years where he performs standardized tasks which are suitable for him.


141H R Rohan is diagnosed as mildly Autistic when he was about 4 years old. He has been attending Vocational Training at Nithya Saadhana. We have observed that he has become more organized and his concentration level and attention span has increased considerably. He loves the company of his peers and loves to do the assigned jobs.He needs to improve his communication skills in general and initiating conversation with others in particular. His need based communication is much better than the general communication skills and we have been working on improving his general communication skills at home also.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone at Nithya Saadhana for the care, affection and interest shown towards our son, in trying to make him an independent and responsible person.


141I am writing this regarding my learning experience at Nithya Saadhana. After joining at Nithya Saadhana in June 2012, faculties gave training in wire cutting, crimping, wire harnessing etc. I showed interest in work and learnt it. After completion of working hours when I reach home I feel happy. After starting of stipend in august 2013 I can give more concentration on work because it gave me self belief and made me an individual who can earn something for my expenses. Now I am more satisfied, self motivated and do the entrusted job with utmost devotion.

I like to thank all the faculties who trained me with lot of patience. I appreciate your good work and hope you will enlighten the future of many more people like me.

Thanks and warm regards,

Vidya Sagar.


141I am associated with NITHYA SAADHANA for about two years. My son R D Sreekanth joined this vocational institute with intention of getting some technical training in the field of wire bunching, PCB stuffing and component formation (soldering). I am proud to say that he has picked up very well in these specific subjects apart from improving his ability to teach the kids with similar disability in Bangalore International School and Deepika School. I have found my son to have picked up a lot of self confidence after joining Nithya Saadhana.

When we met the founder members of Nithya Saadhana, Mrs.Hema Nataraj and Mrs.Beena Krishnamurthy, a welcome with smile and an assurance for his future by them relieved us from a great worry. Apart from imparting the above technical training, they have also taught him the importance of discipline and punctuality in life. I am also indebted to the entire staff members of NS for their patience. I wish all the best to the institute.

R D Indira, mother of R D Sreekanth


141I am G. Ananda Naidu. My son, Vinod G has been diagnosed with mild mental retardation. He is independent in his activities and daily living. He has good social skills. The doctors at NIMHANS suggested that VInod should get vocational training at Nithya Saadhana in Vijayanagar. He went to Nithya Saadhana for 10 months training and was registered with VRC, Peenya. He got a stipend of Rs.12, 000/- . With the help of Nithya Saadhana he got placement in Pragna Micro Designs in Kamakshipalya, Basaveshwarnagar. He is working there happily. Thanks to Beena Krishnamurthy madam & Hema Nataraj Madam.


141Let me introduce myself as S. Narasimhan, parent of Archana. She suffers from Downs’s syndrome. When we were worried about her future, we heard about Nithya Saadhana. My daughter was very fortunate to get at Nithya Saadhana, a centre of excellence with lot of dedication, devoted for the betterment of differently abled children. My daughter got trained in the field of electronics & has got two certificates from the Vocational Rehabilitation Centre. The training has made my daughter learn technical skills and at the same time also learn to lead a normal life in society. She received a stipend from Nithya Saadhana. The centre, which is making all out efforts to bring them to the mainstream, has been an inspiration to many such differently abled children.

I congratulate Mrs. Beena & Mrs. Hema & other faculty in the centre for their sincere efforts in shaping the lives of these children. I wish them all the best and assuring them all the cooperation in their efforts.


141My son has acquired immense confidence and skill in PCB soldering after getting training from Nithya Saadhana. The Nithya Saadhana teachers and staff are really patient in nurturing and training the students to acquire skills.


141I am Pramod. I joined Nithya Saadhana in the Sep 2013. I got trained for six months. I have been trained on crimping, wire harnessing, & PCB soldering. I had a very good experience there. I am very thankful to all the faculties. After completion of my training I joined Micron Ems tech Pvt. Ltd. I have been working here for two years now. I am very thankful to Beena and Hema ma’am.

Parents note-We were worried about Pramod a lot. We found Nithya Saadhana and from there his life changed. We feel we were blessed to get such wonderful team in Nithya Saadhana. Pramod would never stick on to one job for more than one month. But after he got training from Nithya Saadhana, he has been placed in Micron Ems Tech Pvt. Ltd and is working there for two years now. In Nithya Saadhana, he was not only trained on the work but they worked on anger management and inter personal skills too. It is just because of this institution Pramod is able to work in the main stream of society. We are very grateful to the whole team of Nithya Saadhana.


141Once Prithvi completed his training at Nithya Saadhana, we are happy that Prithvi got into a routine of working at LSI COMPONENTS PVT. LTD., MAGADI ROAD, BANGALORE. He felt very responsble being part of the team which produced aluminum products.


141He enjoyed his training at Nithya Saadhana. Venkatesh learnt to work silently and control his eagerness to instruct others. He completes his work with lot of diligence and is proud of his achievements. He is recently placed at DIGITAL PALACE in Basveshwarnagar.